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Thanks to NYC based artist curator Katie Cercone I have been selected to exhibit my work at group exhibition I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT @ KARST, Plymouth’s largest independent contemporary art space. I am honoured to be included in this NYC heavy stellar lineup! This exhibition is also part of the Plymouth art weekender and The Atlantic Project.

Curator Katie Cercone

Astral beasts, galactic stunts, nightlife culturati, audiophiles and technophiles, absurdist neo-shamans and sacramental synesthesiacs comprise our I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT exhibition, their bizarre prophecies, culinary listening, phantom phalli, trans-dimensional art-tourism and polymorphous nature castles and cults populate an impressive new terrain.

I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT is by no means a show about sex, or simply sacred kink. For many of these artists, conjuring your PRIMAL PARENT comes down to human beings as conscious actors in a matrix of creation which is by nature, sensual, binding, and multidimensional. Many work in sound, and likewise create artworks in whatever medium as a series of energetic ebbs and flows, of union and discord. Relationships, environments and situations frame the basis of their creative objectives, leaving current Art discourse ill equipped to digest their paranormal dimensions. These works offer tethers connecting an invisible order to the visible order, visions from the frontrunning prophets of a fast forward generation determined to let the false idols crumble to dust.

Please note this exhibition includes images and themes of an adult content. Parental discretion is advised.