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Feminism is for everyone

Feminism is for everyone

Part of the Arts Council of England funded programme Pankhurst in the Park 2018 I’ve had the pleasure of co-producing the magical 3 day flash exhibition EMINENT DOMAIN at the former Robert Miller Gallery in West Chelsea together with artist Scotto Mycklebust and curator/artist Katie Cercone. It was such and an incredible buzz, big love goes out to the 90+ artist that took part and the audience, with over 600 of you turning up at the opening! The exhibition recap article is now available over at……

Feminism is For EVERYONE


It was a languorous mid-summer night in NYC – the streets lulled, people sparse and unhurried – but you wouldn’t know that if you happened upon West 26th St. in West Chelsea on Thursday, July 12. Droves of people from every cross-section of life were crowding the outside of the former Robert Miller Gallery space, itching to see what was happening inside, waiting their turn as a few people trickled out for some air…over-capacity was not enforced; the gallery was simply over-capacitated. Whether the attendees heard about the 3-day flash exhibition featuring 90 radical feminist artists from across the globe from a friend, poster, word-of-mouth – or simply stumbled into opening night from the street – did not matter: EMINENT DOMAIN attracted an overwhelming amount of people.

EMINENT DOMAIN evolved out of Art 511 Mag’s recent partnership with the Manchester, UK-based Alexandra Arts, when this past Spring, we teamed up to produce a limited edition, 74-page full-color print commission celebrating International Women’s Day and the centenary for UK women’s suffrage (funded by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND). The edition, available as a free download online here, was made available during the reception, and features critical essays, interviews and artworks by Marilyn Minter, Narcissister, Melanie Bonajo, Samantha Conlon (Bunny Collective), Go! Push Pops and Anna FC Smith among others. Artists included in the EMINENT DOMAIN show were mostly selected by a competitive open call submission process organized by head curator Katie Cercone.

From the street you could view artist and founding director of Alexandra Arts Lotte Karlsen’s ephemeral installation covering the gallery’s massive front windows with a feminine-derived symbol. Faintly reminiscent of the yogic OM, the initial imprint of the show was made by Karlsen’s zig-zagging dark purple shapes mounted flush with the space’s four massive, industrial scale front windows. It’s a motif that is near and dear to the artists’s heart as a visual representation of her collaborative ventures in Alexandra Park, Manchester, where she directs the arts collective Alexandra Arts. 

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Banner image: Elena Kendall-Aranda, site-specific performance, “Quests from the Virtual Age.” Courtesy the Artist



Hitting the street of New York shortly for the EMINENT DOMAIN - a flash exhibition in West Chelsea, between 12-14 July. Which I have been part of organising through Alexandra Art, the arts collective I founded. This will be a three day boss bitch art bonanza as over 90 artist from around the world will be presented, including my work. I'm also on the Women in the Arts Saturday 14th panel (1-3pm) together with Kate Gilmore, Kristen Dodge, Vei Darling and Hein Koh. Moderated by head curator Katie Cercone. 


Art 511 Magazine


In response to the International Women’s Movement that has captivated the Worldwide Collective Conscious and Unconsciousness of so many people, ART511 Magazine has acted and is presenting a groundbreaking collection of women artists from around the World.


A 3-day affair featuring the artworks of over 90 women artists from around the world. The exhibition concludes Saturday, July 14 with a moderated panel discussion titled: Women in the Arts - Sisterhood & Sustainability, July 12-14, 524 West 26th Street, NYC.

New York, NY, June 26, 2018, ART511 Magazine is pleased to announce EMINENT DOMAIN, a flash exhibition of intersectional feminist art, opening Thursday, July 12th, with an opening reception art party from 6-10 p.m. in the former Robert Miller Gallery space at 524 West 26th St. for 3 days, concluding July 14 with a Women In the Arts Panel comprised of a diverse cross-section of thought leaders in the International Art World playing the fluid roles of curator, organizer/activist, gallerist, artist and arts administrator.

Addressing the white male western canon’s discourse drawing from exploiting, misrepresenting and objectifying female bodies and the racial/sexual Other, EMINENT DOMAIN occupies a major white box space in the heart of the commercial art world with a militantly utopic “flash flood” of new media, live performance and traditional visual art of every size and stripe, washing away old, derogative archetypes to tell another story about Art, ritual, community and the divine feminine mysteries.

“Artists from all over the globe contributed works of all mediums during a historical moment characterized by the rise of the feminine in all aspects of life, culture and industry. A hand-picked selection of artworks from over 90 women artists from around the world tackle complicated and culturally nuanced issues including sexual violence and abuses against women the world over, xenophobia, body/fat politics, race, sisterhood, the archetypal feminine, colonialism, sex tourism, white supremacy, ageism, religion, gender, sacred art, environmental devastation and repair. Poignant, juicy, sensual, cleverly bittersweet, darkly militant and profoundly magical - whether demanding our horror undivided, reframing an outmoded world view or simply wetting our appetite for a more righteous era of equality and justice - these works engage in challenging, transnational, intersectional dialogue, smash stereotypes and rush boundaries.” The exhibition concludes Saturday, July 14 with a moderated panel discussion “Women in the Arts- Sisterhood & Sustainability.” - Katie Cercone, curator

Our sponsors: West Chelsea Building LLC and Gloria Naftali, who have graciously provided the spacious venue to present this extraordinary collection of art by women artists in the world: We are ever so grateful for the support to make this exhibition possible. Additional sponsors of EMINENT DOMAIN include Alexandra Arts, ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND, MANCHESTER CITY COUNCIL, PANKHURST IN THE PARK, Public Arts Squad Project, Signature Spirits Group LLC, Miolo Wine Group, Tambour Original Sodabi, Chopper Kings Beer Company, SmuttyNose Brewing Company and others.

For more details, please contact ART511 Magazine press office via call or text: (917) 697-0844 Gia Portfolio at or Scotto Mycklebust